About Us

Where Does Kaffee Bitte Come From?

Kaffee Bitte comes from the German phrase, "Einen Kaffee, Bitte", which means "A Coffee, Please"

Our Mission

Kaffee Bitte strives to deliver great tasting coffee for a reasonable price! We believe that roasting in small batches is the key to coffee that will leave you wanting more. Roasting in small batches insures flavorful and smooth coffee every time. Not only do we love drinking micro roasted coffee but it is our goal now to share these unique blends with everyone!

Our Coffee

Our roaster purchases their coffee beans straight from the growers cutting out any middlemen. All of these beans are grown organically without the use of any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers! These organic beans are then roasted in micro batches to deliver some of the best tasting coffee! This roasting method is known to produce bold and flavorful beans! Currently, we sell three roasts that are very unique in their own ways. Enjoy!

Why purchase from us?

- Our beans are Organic! No synthetic chemicals used in the growing process of our beans.

- Our beans are micro roasted by one of New York's top private label roaster. Flavorful, robust, and bold coffee as a result!

- Direct trade! Beans are purchased right from the source.

- Start your day off right with great quality coffee!